What You Should Know About Energy Drinks and Food Bars

energy-drinkThere is a lot of conflicting controversial information regarding energy drinks and food bars that have become apparent in recent years. Some claim they are not healthy for you while others rely on them every day. There are several energy drinks that have been either banned or regulated in various places. In fact, that are a lot of types of energy foods, drinks and bars on the market with some being more healthy than others. The information you’ll find below will help you determine which ones are ok for you to consume.

Lately, there has been quite a bit of concern over the safety of energy drinks. There have been some well-publicized cases of young athletes dying after drinking large numbers of these beverages. While energy drinks are safe in moderation, there are exceptions, If you suffer from any heart problems, you should avoid these drinks, at least those that are high in caffeine. Even if you are healthy, you need to be cautious about the amount of these energy drinks you consume since they are loaded with caffeine which is known to cause many health risks including increased heart rate, irritability, and nervousness. If you have any chronic health issues, ask your doctor before consuming energy drinks of any kind. While some food bars are little more than glorified candy bars, sweetened with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, you can find some truly healthy energy or food bars on the market. The only real way to tell the difference is how they make you feel after eating them as well as paying special attention to the ingredients in them. You may receive a short burst of energy after consuming a food bar containing sugar, but it won’t be long before you experience a crash. The food bars that are healthiest for you don’t contain any added sugar and are made primarily out of nuts, seeds, and natural fruits. Your energy bar can be a healthy one especially if composed of natural organic or raw foods.

Some energy or food bars are jammed with fat and sugar or high fructose corn syrup, and these don’t have any more nutrition than candy bars. Still, some energy bars are full of protein and can be a healthy snack in between meals or in advance of working out. There are many brands of food bars on the market, but some of the better ones are Prana Bars, Larabars and Probars.

Among the very popular food bars on the market Cliff Bars are probably the best, although some of these are sweetened. A good way to judge the quality of a food bar is to look at the sugar content and compare it to items such as sweet breakfast cereals and regular candy bars.

Energy drinks and food bars, then, come in many varieties and some are much better than others. You should remember, that even the greatest among them are not meant to be consumed all day, as a replacement for water and real foods. It is of no matter how natural a packaged item says it is it can’t be as unaffected as whole foods or a glass of pure water. In a nutshell, it’s acceptable to drink energy drinks sometimes or eat a food bar as a snack, but don’t assume that they’ll give you every bit of your nutritional needs.

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