The Ways Periodontal Diseases Affect Your Body

image 1We’ve all been thought on the importance of dental care and we all definitely hate going to our dentists. It’s nothing personal, the guy or gal might be great, but the cringing sound of that drill and the smell of the office – we hate it! However, dental hygiene is extremely important – if you do not pay enough attention to it, it may cause more complications than tooth decay, which is, in itself, extremely painful. Before you are outlined some complications that tooth decay might cause, hopefully to serve as an incentive to you to never miss out on getting intimate with your toothbrush and to make your dentist visits a regular thing.

Heart disease and strokes

Periodontal diseases are a direct consequence of bad dental hygiene. Periodontal diseases are also a cause of many other problems – it makes you twice more likely to develop heart disease and arterial narrowing, which can easily lead to a heart attack. The bacteria that causes periodontal diseases contain clot-promoting proteins; clots, which can clog your arteries and lead you to a heart attack. If the clot appears in your carotid artery (this blood vessel is in charge of delivering your blood to your brain), you might be looking at a stroke!


People who suffer from diabetes are more susceptible to infections, including gum disease. Alternatively, periodontal diseases put a strain on your blood sugar control and can cause diabetes – it’s definitely a two-way street. The two are definitely connected and what you can do is take charge of your mouth health in order to prevent diabetes. If you are already suffering from blood sugar imbalance, you’ll have to be manifold and more careful, when it comes to your dental hygiene, so visiting your dentist regularly and brushing your teeth at least twice a day is more than recommended!

Respiratory issues

The periodontal disease-causing bacteria has been known to travel to lungs, through the bloodstream and cause irritation and aggravation there. This can cause serious complications, especially in patients with respiratory problems. Acute bronchitis and pneumonia are both linked to gum diseases.

Pulp damage

Every single one of your teeth is equipped with a central blood and nerve supply, known as the pulp. This tissue can be damaged if your tooth is broken, by decay and by infection, caused by bad dental hygiene. In order to keep the tooth in question, root canal procedure needs to take place.


It may seem unlinked, but poor dental hygiene causes dementia. If your poor dental hygiene causes tooth loss, this can cause memory loss and even early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. This happens by gum infections releasing inflammatory substances, which can cause brain inflammation, which further causes brain cells to die-off.

Premature birth

Dental hygiene isn’t really linked to pregnancies. However, it is linked to all of the above mentioned, which can cause complications in pregnancies. Therefore, keep your dental hygiene in check – it’s a small sacrifice to make, in order to make sure to avoid complications.

Erectile dysfunction

This one will convince you into brushing your teeth regularly. Did you know that men with periodontal diseases are 7 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than those who maintain proper dental hygiene and make regular dentist visits? If there is something to learn about periodontal bacteria here, it’s that they can seamlessly travel through your body and traveling to your genitals and blocking the blood flow is no problem for them.

As you’ve already seen, dental issues can cause a wide array of potential problems. Going through toothaches and tooth loss isn’t the worst of it – infections can cause many more problems, some of which are even life-threatening! Wouldn’t it just be easier to visit your dentist regularly and brush those teeth twice a day?

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