Treat Your Acne With Home Remedies

natural-acne-cureNobody desires to be spotty. It’s just how it is. Bad skin is embarrassing–it does not matter how old we are or whether that awful skin has just a pimple or two or is covered in extensive acne. Acne, in particular, can plague us for far longer than we had planned when we were teens entering puberty. For a long time, we’ve slathered our faces with pricey chemicals and creams, aiming to keep the acne out. However, what if you could help your skin without forcing all those harmful chemicals onto it? There are several natural acne remedies that work very well. Take a look.

Aloe Vera is usually associated with burn relief. It’s simple to understand why: it is soothing and able to help bring out the heat trapped in your skin after it gets burnt. Do you know you could also use it on your zits? Aloe has a lot of polysaccharides which will help improve the skin’s recovery process. It does not actually discriminate between the causes of the injury. Pimple or burn, aloe vera has proven extremely beneficial. Split open a leaf and put the watery gel from inside of it on to the part which is affected. You’ll see a reduction in redness and puffiness almost straight away!

It is likely you already know that you can cut down on eye puffiness by putting cucumber slices on them. Cucumber is really good for treating acne naturally. It also helps increase your skin’s moisture and pump it full of vitamins as well. The simplest way to use cucumber to help remedy your acne is to use it to create a cucumber mask (there are many recipes for this online) and use it a couple of times a week. You’re definitely going to notice a change to your skin quality and tone. This mask can also help make your skin much better at battling zits.

Strawberries make great weapons against acne. Salicylic acid is a popular ingredient in most acne fighters, especially those intended to fight acne that is severe. Salicylic acid occurs naturally within strawberries. Also, they are loaded with other minerals and vitamins that can help combat against acne. It’s not hard to treat acne by either positioning sliced strawberry pieces straight onto a zit, or you can create a mask by smashing up some strawberries and mixing them with cream. Wear the mask for twenty or so minutes and then wash it off with clean water. Your skin is going to be very happy.

Potato juice is a good cure for zits. Potatoes are quite watery vegetables, but the water isn’t really the usual H20 when it comes out. It is water infused with the vitamins and minerals of the potato. The high concentrations of potassium, phosphorous, sulfur and chlorine are all excellent for minimizing acne scarring. You can obtain the juice either by pressing it out of sliced pieces of potato or just rubbing those cut pieces onto your skin.

Acne may be treatable in a wide variety of fantastic and natural ways. Why would you allow yourself to continue being spotty and self-conscious when you have all of these wonderful options for clearing yourself up?

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