How to Prevent Tooth Decay

image-1-1Tooth decay is considered to be one of the most common chronic diseases in both adults and children. For example, in USA, dental disease is the reason for loss of around 50 million school hours as well as around 160 million work hours, every single year. Not only this, but a recent study showed that you can spend more than $2000 per tooth once you start fighting dental disease. That is why it is important to do whatever you can to prevent cavities. Here are a couple of tips you might find useful.

Understand the Issue

If you want to avoid having troubles with tooth decay, you have to understand what the issue is. Cavities form when some types of bacteria feed on sugars from the food you eat. Once these bacteria process sugar, they start releasing acids that that erode the hard outer coating of your teeth. Once this happens, small holes (or cavities) start appearing on your teeth. The holes become deeper over time and cause more and more issue. There are 4 factors that lead to appearing of cavities – sugar, acidic diet, bacteria and vulnerable teeth.

Think about Improving Your Diet

There are many foods and drinks that promote tooth decay. That is why you should think about avoiding anything that can be harmful for your teeth. Sugary drinks and sweets are considered to be among the worst foods for your teeth. You should try to cut on these and switch to some healthier snacks. Vegetables and fruits are always an obvious choice. You should also consider drinking plenty of water, milk or tea, and cut on sugary and energy drinks. Sugarless gums can also be very helpful, as chewing boosts saliva secretion and helps you get rid of bacteria.

Care about Oral Hygiene

First of all, caring about your oral hygiene means that you should brush your teeth twice a day. Using a fluoride toothpaste is always a good choice. You should also take a look at proper teeth brushing techniques to make sure you get the most out of it. Another thing you should do is floss at least once a day. If your brush your teeth and floss regularly, you will remove the sticky film from your teeth – the substance in which a lot of bacteria sit. If you get rid of these bacteria regularly, you are much less likely to have troubles with tooth decay.

Get Your Teeth Checked Regularly

Even though there are things you can do on your own to avoid fighting cavities, you also have to get your teeth checked by the professionals from time to time. Make sure you have a complete dental exam and an assessment on your overall dental health. If any problems are found, it is always a better option to take care of them as soon as possible, than let them become worse. It is also very important to find dental professionals you can trust. If you happen to be looking for an orthodontist in Sydney, there are professionals you can turn to.

Watch out for Cavity Promoters

Aside from some foods, there are also some other things that can be bad for your teeth. The use of alcohol and tobacco are considered bad for your teeth. There are a lot of medications that can cause mouth dryness, which can lead to some further problems. In case you have to take any medications like this, make sure you contact professionals and find a solution to your problem. If you are struggling with an eating disorder or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), your teeth are more likely to decay, as well.

The most important thing to do is develop some healthy habits and take proper care of your teeth. Make sure you always search for some new ways you can improve your oral hygiene.

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