Best Ways Sex Affects Your Health

Sex Boosts Your HealthEverybody loves to get down and dirty, that goes without saying. After a stress-filled day, there is no better way to put those worries behind you and ease the tension than to have a mind-blowing orgasm. But did you know that being sexually active boosts your health as well? You heard that right! It’s time to put away all your excuses, find the time, and get down to business. Whether it’s with your partner, or the lover who understands you best – yourself! – here is what a big O can do for you.

Forget about Vitamin C, Grab That D!

Remembering to take your daily vitamins to prevent a cold can be a pain in the neck. Experts say that regular sex, which, you must admit, is much more fun – works just as well. How come? Well, regular sex encourages the production of antibodies called immunoglobulin A, which protect our bodies from infection. If you already have a cold, a good sex session is a great way to sweat it out.

Turn Back the Clock!

That legendary post-orgasmic glow is, surprisingly, not just a myth. In fact, there are several ways in which a good sex life helps us look our best. First, sex promotes hormone production, and they keep our bodies vital and preserve our youth. Second, the aforementioned sweat our body produces cleanses the skin and cleans our pores, which results in dewy looking skin. Finally, kissing stimulates saliva production, which cleans the teeth and regulates acidity.

Work Those Muscles!

Everyone knows that, when it comes to working out for sheer enjoyment, the bedroom trumps the gym every single time. A few vigorous and imaginative sessions a week will do wonders for your muscles. However, even those not acrobatically inclined can work out an important set of muscles: those of the pelvic floor. Instead of doing the dreaded Kegel’s, commit to a regular sexy time schedule. This will help you avoid incontinence by strengthening your bladder control. Don’t scoff! Incontinence is a problem every third woman encounters at some point.

Get Rid of Insomnia!

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning all night? You’re too hot, or too cold; your pillow is too hard; your sheets feel scratchy; every little sound is like an air horn; every glint of light feels like a floodlight. Maybe you shouldn’t have had that last cup of coffee? Insomnia affects an estimated 30 to 50% of people. The solution is so very simple: sex! During and after sex, your body produces endorphin and prolactin. Endorphin helps you de-stress and relax, and paves the way for prolactin to do its magic. Prolactin is a hormone that naturally increases while we sleep. These two in combination promise a night of blissful rest. That certainly explains all those times your partner just rolled over and started snoring, right? Don’t be discouraged if you are currently single – you can always take care of yourself. The wide range of sex toys provides an option for every affinity.

Matters of the Heart

The hormones produced during sex promote heart health. Not only that, do you feel your heart racing after an earth-shattering finish? That counts as cardio! Way better than running and aerobics, right? In the long run, sex hormones also lower bad cholesterol and systolic blood pressure. That’s basically your cardiovascular health taken care of!

If, apart from sheer pleasure, you need extra reasons to hit the sheets with your partner or your favorite toy, now you know that sex is actually one of the healthiest things you can do. So, make a vow to do it regularly and enjoy all the benefits. After all, what’s not to love about it?

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