The Best Way to Get Rid of Food Cravings

cravingProbably the most difficult part of going on a diet and taking on newer and healthier eating habits is trying to overcome food cravings. Food cravings may cause stress, which results in cheating which leads to more stress and the shame cycle just continues spiraling downward. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to help get over your cravings for food and stick to the course you’ve picked for your diet. Here we will share a few of those things with you.

Try and determine where your craving for food is coming from. Occasionally, food cravings are the results of encountering certain situations or triggers. This is why, before you really commit to your diet, you must keep a log of what you eat and what you crave. This would show you what you desire and when you hunger for it. It will be a lot easier to avoid cravings when you can identify the external cause of the craving and both avoid it and discover better ways to deal with the trigger than eating.

Think up a reassuring thought to think when you’re faced with a craving. One reason we have cravings is because we’ve coached our brains to think of certain foods in specific situations or times of day. If you think of a substitute to concentrate on at those times of day or in those occasions, you’ll sooner or later retrain your body and brain not to hunger for the harmful stuff any more. It is possible to re-train your brain; all it requires is some perseverance.

Food cravings often occur because the body’s glucose levels change–especially when they get low. When our blood glucose levels bottom out we find ourselves yearning for fatty and sugary foods because our bodies want to raise the sugar levels as quickly as possible. The easiest way to handle these sorts of food cravings is to keep your blood glucose levels as steady as possible. This is simple enough to do if you’ve got healthy eating habits. Additionally, it is the thinking behind diet industry experts advocating that dieters eat five small meals throughout the day rather than three larger ones.

Going on a diet could cause feelings of starvation which often leads to strong cravings for food. When we diet, we have a tendency to eat significantly less than we usually do because we want to reduce the amount of calories we take in (because then we can exercise away the pounds we’re packing). Thankfully, you can still eat even more than enough to get full without taking in too many calories. You simply need to consume the correct things. What is even better is that the healthier foods help you feel full for long periods which is a great way to minimize the hunger pangs that are making you snack too frequently.

Cravings are the bane to any dieter’s existence. They are often what will help us go down flat on our faces while we try to diet. Determining the factors behind cravings for food can help curb them which, consequently, helps us stay on track with our diet plans.

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