4 Tips to Fight Cat Allergies

Cat allergies are fairly common. Almost 15% of the general population has some kind of allergies and almost the third of that population is allergic to animals. Because cats are the most owned pets in the world, people with cat allergies come in contact with them more often than people who are allergic to plants, peanuts, etc.

If you have this type of allergy, then you came to the right place. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can fight this problem, so you don’t miss out on friend gatherings just because you will have a reaction to your friend’s cat.

Prepare in advance

The best way you can avoid getting any allergy symptoms is to prepare in advance. If you already know that your friend has a cat, take a pill before you leave your apartment. This way by the time you arrive at your friend’s house pill’s effect will already kick in and protect you from any allergic reactions.

But if you are not sure if someone has a pet or not, always have an antihistamine pill by your side. It will only take about 20 minutes for its effects to start, so even if you didn’t take it before arriving it won’t take too long until you are protected. Regardless of how severe reaction you have to cats, always be prepared. Don’t let it ruin your day just because you forgot to pack one pill.

Wash hands often

As with the colds and flu, cat allergens are easily transferred by hands. That is why it is very important to avoid touching any surface that cat has come in contact with. Now we know that this is practically impossible because cats jump and go everywhere, but if you avoid soft furniture and wash your hands often it will be enough to keep allergy symptoms at bay.

Additionally, never touch your eyes or face before washing your hands. If you came in contact with any allergens, it will immediately trigger a reaction and all symptoms will kick in. So if you have an itchy nose wash your hands first and then scratch it.

Don’t sit on cat’s favourite spot

Every pet has its favorite spot on couch or sofa. This is usually the most comfortable spot in the house and even though it might be tempting to sit there avoid it at all costs. Soft and comfy places are a nest of cat allergens. Unlike hardwood furniture, couches trap cat hair and dander, which are a number one source of allergens.

Same goes for cat accessories and toys. Even if you want to play with your friend’s cat and toss them their favorite toy, don’t. Cats usually bite their toys and leave saliva on it and you will start to sneeze, itch, etc.

Wash your clothes when you come home

Lastly, wash your clothes immediately after you return. Wash them in high temperature to destroy any allergens on them. This is very important because cold water just isn’t enough. Also, you should wash these clothes separately, just to make sure it won’t spread to any other piece of clothing.

And that is it from us. Even though allergies are a huge problem that you have to deal with daily, there are some easy ways you can fight them and hopefully keep them under control. As you saw from our article, preparation is everything. If you know you will be in contact with cats follow our advice and you will be symptom-free for the rest of the day.

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